Hi! We’re Nikil and Joe the founders of Alchemy! We’re looking for a superstar assistant to come be the CEO of our lives! 🙌

So you can put a face to the name 👋

So you can put a face to the name 👋

Assistant to Founders (aka: Life CEO)

You'll be our right-hand person and a force-multiplier for us. This is a super critical and exciting time for Alchemy - we’re an incredibly close family of 170, with massive global scale (powering $150 billion in transactions), and hyperscaling the company. 🚀 Together, we will make magic over the next year as we enter the most exciting chapter of the journey yet!

The Assistant position is a high exposure role -- you will be interacting with our investors, friends, team and more. Your day to day will consist of working closely with us to manage all aspects of our personal lives. Think of yourself as the CEO of Nikil and Joe. You'll get intimately familiar with what it means to be a founder of a high growth technology startup. Responsibility and ownership is unbounded - planning complex personal projects, managing investments, hosting large weekend retreats - infinite room for growth.

Another ultra important responsibility of this position is to come build our personal team. This means hiring out and managing all of the supporting roles (housekeepers, cooks, trainers, etc…) required to help us bring our absolute best every day for AlchemyFam and our personal lives. Think of it as preparing someone for the olympics - designing their life to have the highest levels of performance.

You’ll work closely with both us on a daily basis, have massive ownership and creative liberties, and continually take on more and more responsibility. You’ll get to see first hand from the inside how we operate and have a huge part in shaping the future of our lives.

TL/DR: We're growing crazy fast and want someone to come be the CEO of our personal lives! We’re am looking for a stellar human to scale us.

🙌 The top 3 qualities we’re looking for in our Assistant